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A versatile performer in the Twin Cities, Lindsey Bordner began studying the violin at age 7. Ms. Bordner has a passion for chamber music, which has led her to endeavors ranging from premieres and recordings of new works to early music and Baroque performance practice. Currently, her main performing outlets are Lyra Baroque Orchestra, the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Stone Arch String Quartet, and the award-winning Minneapolis bluegrass band No Man's String Band. As a founding member of string quartet Thalia Strings, Lindsey has traveled the world performing on cruise ships.


Lindsey has had the pleasure of performing with such artists as Michael Bublé, Hanson, Michael Bolton, KYGO, 2 Cellos, and the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and her playing can be heard on hip-hop albums by Brother Ali and Heiruspecs. As a fan of varying music styles, she is an avid arranger of her own unique string quartet interpretations of popular songs. In addition, Lindsey maintains a small private teaching studio. Above all, Lindsey enjoys sharing her training and passion for music with audiences and students while continuing to pursue her love of artistic collaboration in any way she finds spontaneous, exciting, and meaningful.


Ms. Bordner holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance from the University of Minnesota where she studied with Sally O’Reilly, and Master of Music degrees in Violin Performance and Chamber Music from the University of Michigan, where she studied with Yehonatan Berick. She has had the honor of participating in such music festivals as the American Bach Soloists Academy, Music Academy of the West, the Montecito Music Festival, Bravo!, and the Castleman Quartet Programs. 


Photo by Callum Bigmore

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