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Post-recital with my students and colleague Aja Majkrzak's students, May 2018


Suzuki teacher certified through book 2, I am a strong advocate of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's philosophy on the development of talent. I believe any person can learn to play the violin well, contrary to the popular belief of being "born with it" or not. Though I'm partial to the internationally renowned and trusted Suzuki method (by which I learned as well!), I am happy to teach a variety of styles and methods, from Suzuki to traditional, Vivaldi to bluegrass, beginning to advanced - to suit the learning style and goals of any aged student. It is never too early or too late to start learning music, and its benefits on the brain are innumerable at any age. I enjoy fostering curiosity and discovery with my young students in lessons, as well as self-confidence as they blossom with skills and knowledge they can be proud of. Let me know what your (or your child's) personal aspirations are, and I will focus our lessons around that.

In Suzuki Teacher Training with Linda Fiore, 2013 in Michigan

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